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When you work out, you must eat more or less of certain foods to achieve your goals. And that is why supplements can be a great help, because they provide the right quantities of nutrients you need.


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The Fitblr Healthy College Snacks List



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I thought I would start a list of ideas for healthy college snacks. Especially for myself because I ended up finding out I didn’t have enough snacks, let alone the healthiest ones. I’ll leave part for snacks that do and don’t require a fridge (some fridge items last, like salad dressing, some don’t, like lunch meat) because not all of us can actually go to the grocery store to get snacks on a regular basis! Please add to and/or reblog this list!!! Or just message me!Also, don’t feel limited to just posting a single ingredient… We could also make this into a mini recipe list if you have a snack that requires just a few ingredients thrown together!


  • Dehydrated fruits and veggies
  • Chickpeas to make your own hummus
  • Dried raisins, plums, etc. (try for low/no sugar and don’t eat too much! you can buy prunes in individual packets, great for on the go!)
  • Protein powder + boxed almond/coconut milk
  • Nuts or “clean” trail mix
  • Whole wheat pasta (from cafe, maybe) + salad dressing + spices + olives (etc.) = pasta salad (great running fuel!)
  • Some kind of nut butter (cheap protein and healthy fats!)
  • Mott’s 40-calorie squeezable applesauce tubes (someone else gave me this idea… good to carry with you if you don’t eat enough or are hypoglycemic!)
  • Can of low-sodium beans + tortilla = quick burrito
  • Canned tuna
  • Larabars, Luna bars, protein bars, etc.


  • Hummus + veggie of your choice
  • Frozen fruit + veggies
  • Kashi or Amy’s or other healthy frozen meals
  • 100% and no sugar added juice
  • Avocado (as a substitute for mayo and more!)
  • Fresh fruit (bananas, avocados, apples & grapes seem to hold the longest) 
  • Sweet potatoes (cook in microwave! top w/ olive oil and black pepper)
  • Frozen banana and/or zucchini bread (make at home ahead of time, store in individual portions in your freezer, either defrost in microwave or leave out)
  • Cheese sticks or a block of cheese + plain Triscuits
  • Celery, carrot sticks, etc. + peanut butter
  • Apple slices, orange slices, berries (store in a hard container to prevent squishing!)


  • Be sure to bring tupperware to college with you to take things back to your room from the cafeteria! Things such as yogurt or salad, which is very perishable, or even something like pasta because it’s inconvenient to make in a dorm room!
  • Also have tupperware on hand to put your “doggy bag” food from going out to dinner with your friends to prevent a smelly fridge and a potential mess.
  • Be sure you’re packing nutritious snacks instead of simply low calorie!
  • Do your best to keep the alcohol intake to a minimum (or none at all), because that’s an easy way to pack on the pounds without realizing it!
  • Invest in a Brita (or similar brand) pitcher for water and consider getting a pitcher for iced tea! Both are 0 calories and easily refillable, unlike with (unhealthy) soda.
  • A lot of people are keen on checking sugar contents of foods, but be sure to be wary of salt content, too!
  • Remember that nutrition is a very important part of your success at college! And so is fitness! But do remember that eating something unhealthy every once in awhile can be necessary to save your sanity! Don’t forget to live a little! This is supposed to be the best time of your life, after all!

I will be monitoring the reblogs this post gets in order to update it with what people add. You can access the original master post here.

Just thought I’d bring this up again since it’s getting close to the start of the school year. Please don’t be shy in adding to this!

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